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Report: EasyJet taps British AI firm Black Swan Data to expedite Covid-19 recovery

Written by Mon 8 Jun 2020

Black Swan Data will help the low-cost airline reduce food waste, reports The Telegraph

EasyJet has partnered with UK AI outfit Black Swan Data to help it forecast and optimise expenditure as the company tries to jumpstart business following the coronavirus outbreak.

As reported by The Telegraph on Sunday, Black Swan Data’s software, already used by Google, McDonald’s and Unilever, will be deployed to monitor customer behaviour, using AI and ML to predict food consumption and thereby minimising wastage.

Although most people wouldn’t necessarily associate plane food as a large cost centre, feeding 96.1 million passengers per year adds up, and airlines have typically struggled with food wastage.

In a nutshell, Black Swan Data will track orders to anticipate the types of fresh food EasyJet flights will need, and how much of it.

“For someone like EasyJet, it’s likely that 40pc of their fresh food will be wasted,” Steve King, CEO at Black Swan Data’s told The Telegraph.

EasyJet was forced to ground many of its aircraft due to Covid-19-related travel restrictions, but last week the airline announced plans to resume 75 percent of its flights by August.

Last month, the airline announced it would cut 4,500 jobs and CEO Johan Lundgren said the company didn’t expect air travel demand to fully bounce back until 2023.

Amidst the Covid-19 maelstrom, the airline also suffered a gargantuan cyber attack, resulting in the theft of 9 million customer records, including email addresses and travel details. 2,000 customer credit card details were also seized in the breach.

Written by Mon 8 Jun 2020


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