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Report: ConnectWise disconnected in EU

Written by Fri 3 May 2019

UPDATE: ConnectWise has said its EU services are gradually coming back online: “Temporary access has been restored to partners, and additional services are being restored by the support teams. We will continue to update,” the firm said.

Software management and automation service ConnectWise has suffered an outage affecting European customers.

The issue came to light after a number of ConnectWise’s frustrated UK customers contacted The Register to report that they could not log in, instead receiving the message “Company not known”. The issue began this morning and has not yet been resolved.

ConnectWise is a popular business management tool used by IT service providers to automate the selling, servicing and support of their tech.

One customer Netflo IT tweeted ConnectWise: “Looks like there is a bigger problem that needs to be looked into urgently, we’re all getting ‘Company not found’ when attempting to login. Currently, position 80 in the support chat, so a wider issue!”

ConnectWise’s cloud control ops team were performing “routine maintenance” in the early hours of this morning (BST).

ConnectWise customer support initially told The Register that all of its EU cloud partners were down and that they did not know when the problem would be resolved. It has since assured customers that the issue will be fixed by 5pm BST.

Customers can visit this landing page for any updates to the systems’ status, and a Reddit thread has appeared detailing others’ experiences.

As ‘Jetboy01’ pointed out, being locked out of your service desk is not the best way to start the last day of the working week.

It’s not been the most enjoyable few weeks for the company. Two weeks ago, chief product officer, Jeff Bishop had to defend ConnectWise Control, after it was revealed hackers used the tool to hack Wipro client systems and access its customer networks.

Written by Fri 3 May 2019


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