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Registration for Tech Show London is live!

Written by Thu 8 Dec 2022

Registration for Tech Show London and its five co-located events is now live. The UK’s most important technology event for business is free to attend on 8-9 March 2023 at ExCeL London.

The award-winning Tech Show London brings together five leading events, including Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World. One ticket gets you access to all events.

Celebrating the announcement, Sophie Baker-Davis, CloserStill Media’s Marketing and Content Director, said: “The technology world is constantly changing, and our lives are continuously moving more online. It’s no surprise that our industry is worth $5 trillion. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be part of the conversation. Where better than Tech Show London?”

On the Tech Show London Mainstage, globally-recognised speakers and technology trailblazers will impart their knowledge and tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our industry today like the ongoing technical skills shortage, maintaining control during rapid digital transformation, defending against cyberthreats, achieving sustainability goals, and more.

“Industry leaders and C-Level executives come to Tech Show London to shape the future of their digital business through engaging conversations in the technology community and discovery of pioneering solutions across the buzzing exhibition floor,” added Baker-Davis.

VIP guests, including C-Suite leaders and key decision-makers, will receive an amplified event experience with high-value networking, front-row seats to all tech talks, and dedicated breakout spaces.

Join Tech Show London for Free

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Be a part of the latest tech conversations and discover pioneering innovations

You won’t want to miss one of the most exciting technology events of the year.

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Cloud Expo Europe

The unstoppable force of cloud computing shows no sign of slowing down, with 51% of IT spend going to cloud investments. But are you struggling to see substantial returns like more than 50% of businesses?

This may be due to a lack of cloud skills in your organisation, as 46% of business leaders say this gap is slowing them down.

Cloud Expo Europe is the place for you to explore cost management and maximising existing infrastructures, as well as tackling the skills crisis with a community of experts and pioneers who have achieved operational excellence.

Join Cloud Expo Europe

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Join the UK’s largest gathering of cloud professionals and business leaders to gain actionable advice and address critical cloud challenges.

DevOps Live

DevOps can drive business growth, faster time to market, greater customer satisfaction, and enhanced productivity. An impressive 83% of IT decision makers are implementing DevOps practices, yet these can easily fail without the right workplace culture, senior buy-in, and collaborative processes. In fact, a staggering 75% of initiatives are expected to fall short of expectations due to issues of organisational learning and change.

Like many other technology verticals, there is also a DevOps skills crisis, despite 93% enterprise IT staff ranking DevOps and DevSecOps as must-haves.

There is no better place to collaborate and understand the mindset of key decision-makers than DevOps Live. You will get opportunities to collaborate with DevOps experts on achieving senior buy-in, setting realistic expectations, driving workplace change, and defeating silos.

Join DevOps Live

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Join the DevOps community to get involved in a movement that will revolutionise your workplace.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

A staggering 92% of executives think their companies are cyber resilient, while only 55% of security leaders agree. Yet, cybercrime is a huge concern for businesses, with 48% of CEOs worried of devastating digital attacks.

While ransomware and malware attacks are growing rapidly, more than half of companies believe their IT departments are not sophisticated enough to handle advanced cyberattacks.

The pressure is mounting even further, as more than 60% of security leaders are facing a security skills shortage that is affecting their operations. Globally, there will be 3.5 million cyber security jobs unfilled by 2025.

With your business’ reputation and financial wellbeing on the line, now is the time to get ahead of threat actors before it’s too late.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is the perfect place to collaborate with security strategists and discover cybercrime-fighting solutions.

Join Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is one of the largest IT security events in Europe.

Don’t miss the chance to build partnerships and discover solutions to protect your business.

Big Data & AI World

With big data and artificial intelligence, the future is now. Better business decisions, automated processes, and optimised costs are made even more possible.

Big data and AI can drastically improve efficiency, personalised shopping experiences, and stocking decisions. That’s why retailers embracing big data can increase operating margins by 60% and achieve competitive advantages.

The healthcare sector is also seeing the benefits of these advancing technologies, as AI can reduce the time spent on clinical trials and administrative tasks by more than 50%, while Bluetooth sensors can lessen asthma attacks by 79%. As a result, the big data market in the sector will reach $70 billion in 2025, a growth of 568% in 10 years.

However, AI implementation into widespread production and achieving data-driven leadership remains low and elusive. For example, in the finance industry, 92 of the top 100 global banks still use legacy systems that are struggling to handle growing data sets.

Big Data & AI World is the place to maximise the potential of your data through inspiring tech talks and priceless networking opportunities.

Join Big Data & AI World

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Be at the forefront of change with thousands of technologists, data specialists, and AI pioneers.

Don’t miss the biggest opportunities to advance your business into the future.

Data Centre World

Is your data centre prepared for rising capacity demands, energy costs, and prevalent sustainability regulations?

If you are like many other enterprises and colocation operators, your data consumption is growing exponentially and becoming harder to manage. Moreover, the heat is on for data centre operators to become more sustainable, as more than 50% of data centre professionals believe it is only a matter of time until authorities will require operators to publicly report environmental data.

Making matters more difficult, the data centre industry is going through a skills crisis of its own, as modern facilities and technologies become more complex and distributed. Half of operators say they are struggling to find qualified candidates and unfilled positions are growing.

Data Centre World is your place to connect with the wider data centre community, meet industry experts, and align on strategies to tackle these challenges together.

Join Data Centre World

8-9 March 2023, ExCeL London

Experience the world’s largest gathering of data centre professionals and end-users.

Don’t miss your chance to carve out successful strategies and find solutions that future-proof your next generation of data centres.

Written by Thu 8 Dec 2022

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