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Registration for Tech Show Frankfurt 2024 now live!

Written by Mon 26 Feb 2024

Registration for Tech Show Frankfurt 2024, along with its four co-located events, is officially open. As Germany’s premier technology event for business professionals, attendance is complimentary on 22-23 May at Messe Frankfurt.

Tech Show Frankfurt 2024 unites four leading technology events under one roof: Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World. Access to all these events is available with just one free ticket, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest in technology and innovation.

Esteemed speakers and pioneers in technology will share their expertise across the events, addressing critical issues such as the rapid adoption of AI, cybersecurity threats, sustainability in data centres, talent shortages, and much more.

Alice MacGregor, Head of Marketing and Content for Tech (Europe) at CloserStill Media, expressed her excitement: “We’re looking forward to an extraordinary lineup of speakers and the chance for attendees to experience the latest technological advancements firsthand. It’s an unmissable opportunity to come together and envision the future of technology.”

Tech Show Frankfurt 2024 also caters to an exclusive VIP experience for C-Suite executives and influential figures, providing them with exceptional networking opportunities, prioritised access to sessions, and private lounge areas.

“A cornerstone for shaping future digital business strategies, Tech Show Frankfurt invites industry leaders to engage in valuable discussions and discover cutting-edge solutions,” MacGregor added.

Join Tech Show Frankfurt

22-23 May 2024, Messe Frankfurt

Be a part of the latest tech conversations and discover pioneering innovations.

Don’t miss one of the most exciting technology events of the year.

Maximise Your Cloud Potential at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt

As Germany embraces cloud computing, businesses across the nation are at a critical juncture. Over 41% of enterprises in the EU leveraging cloud services for email, storage, and office software. Are you fully capitalising on your cloud infrastructure’s capabilities?

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into this question. The event is perfectly timed, given the growing inclination of German companies towards cloud solutions, motivated by the need for digital innovation, enhanced security, and operational efficiency.

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt is a convergence of thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the cloud computing sphere.

You’ll gain insights into how German companies are navigating the cloud landscape, the challenges they face, and the strategies they employ to ensure their cloud investments deliver tangible business value.

This is your chance to explore the latest trends, tools, and technologies that are shaping the future of cloud computing in Germany and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your cloud strategy, mitigate security risks, drive digital transformation in your organisation, or maximise value for your business, Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt is where you need to be.

Join Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt

22-23 May 2024, Messe Frankfurt

Join the Germany’s premier gathering of cloud professionals and business leaders to gain actionable advice and address critical cloud challenges.

Elevate Your Security Stance at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Frankfurt

In an era where Germany’s cybersecurity challenges reach unprecedented levels, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Frankfurt emerges as a pivotal summit for resilience and innovation. With cyber threats escalating in sophistication and frequency, the imperative for advanced, proactive security measures has become paramount.

The time to act is now, as the financial toll is profound. Cyberattacks account for 72% of the financial losses incurred by German businesses, totalling €205.9 billion.

The proliferation of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and LLaMA, while beneficial, opens new avenues for misuse in cybercriminal endeavours. The geopolitical tensions, notably the conflict involving Russia and Ukraine, add another layer of complexity to the cybersecurity equation, with DDoS attacks being used as tools of propaganda and potential disruption.

In response to this challenging scenario, businesses are poised to reinforce their cybersecurity defences, with 72% planning substantial budget increases for cybersecurity initiatives.

Against this backdrop, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Frankfurt stands as an essential congregation for industry leaders, security experts, and stakeholders to engage, share knowledge, and devise strategies to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape. It is a critical event for shaping the future of cybersecurity in Germany and beyond, offering a beacon of hope and a path forward in these tumultuous times.

Join Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Frankfurt

22-23 May 2024, Messe Frankfurt

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Frankfurt is one of the largest IT security events in Europe.

Don’t miss the chance to build partnerships and discover solutions to protect your business.

Unlock the Future, Embrace AI at Big Data & AI World Frankfurt

In a digital era where artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a cornerstone of innovation, Germany’s cautious pace in AI adoption presents a pivotal moment for businesses across the nation.

With only 12% of German companies integrating AI into their operations, starkly contrasted by the nearly 50% adoption rate in the United States, the need for a strategic shift towards embracing AI technologies is more pronounced than ever.

Despite slow overall adoption, the enthusiasm for Generative AI within German companies is undeniable, with a significant majority experimenting with or actively using the technology across various sectors.

This paradox underscores a critical juncture where businesses must navigate the challenges and opportunities that AI presents.

Big Data & AI World Frankfurt is an essential event for this transformation, offering businesses a comprehensive platform to explore the vast potentials of AI.

The event provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to delve into the practical applications of AI, from data analysis and quality assurance to customer service and chatbot integration.

However, the journey towards AI integration is not without its hurdles. Legal concerns, resource limitations, and skill gaps emerge as significant barriers to widespread AI adoption.

As Europe moves towards a more regulated AI landscape, with France, Germany, and Italy advocating for binding voluntary commitments within the EU, the importance of informed and strategic AI adoption becomes even more crucial.

Recognising these challenges, Big Data & AI World Frankfurt offers a unique environment for learning, with a focus on employee training, pilot projects, learning opportunities to demystify AI and unlock its full potential.

Big Data & AI World Frankfurt is where the journey begins, where businesses can bridge the gap between potential and reality, and where the future of AI in Germany takes shape.

Join Big Data & AI World Frankfurt

22-23 May 2024, Messe Frankfurt

Be at the forefront of change with thousands of technologists, data specialists, and AI pioneers.

Don’t miss the biggest opportunities to advance your business into the future.

Experience Germany’s Digital Progress at Data Centre World Frankfurt

Germany stands at a critical juncture where digital transformation dictates the pace of business innovation. The data centre industry in the country is responding to this demand, as the market is 1,720MW in 2024 to 2,360MW in 2029.

Recent developments by Datacenter One, maincubes, Action1, and Portus Data Centers, along with Microsoft’s significant investment in the region, underscore the dynamic nature of Germany’s data centre landscape.

The backdrop of this transformation is Europe’s march towards decarbonisation, with Germany leading the charge through the enactment of the “Energieeffizienzgesetz” Act. This legislation underscores Germany’s commitment to sustainable development and sets new benchmarks for data centre efficiency.

Data Centre World Frankfurt is a key place to navigate the future of data centres, where innovation meets sustainability, and where the digital aspirations of businesses are turned into reality.

The event serves as the cornerstone for businesses ready to embark on this digital transformation journey, offering a comprehensive platform for networking, learning, and innovation.

Join Data Centre World Frankfurt

22-23 May 2024, Messe Frankfurt

Experience Germany’s largest gathering of data centre professionals and end-users.

Don’t miss your chance to carve out successful strategies and find solutions that future-proof your next generation of data centres.

Written by Mon 26 Feb 2024

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