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Red Hat and Accenture expand partnership in hybrid cloud

Written by Thu 12 May 2022

Building on their successful 12 year long partnership, software firm Red Hat and consultancy firm Accenture recently announced their strategic partnership is set for expansion in a bid to offer clients hybrid cloud innovation.

The partnership is expected to focus on four key areas initially, including co-developing open hybrid cloud application and mainframe modernisation initiatives. Each enterprise requires a tailored solution and holistic cloud strategy approach to achieve operational efficiency benefits and embed innovation, with the Red Hat OpenShift service supporting this aim.

“Organisations are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud to help overcome complex challenges around core business functions like customer service and supply chain, and to drive growth and innovation,” Raj Wickramasinghe, Hybrid and Emerging Platform lead at Accenture.

“Through our expanded alliance with Red Hat, we can further help clients embrace the cloud continuum to enable greater operational efficiency and drive innovation.”

Automation is another central focus Red Hat and Accenture have identified as being important to enterprises and the partnership is working on creating solutions that are able to automate a diverse range of workloads across the IT infrastructure to lower costs and eliminate risks.

With an IDC report finding that when incorporating Red Hat OpenShift with a Red Hat accredited global systems integrator, like Accenture, enterprises can achieve a three-year return on investment of 523%, the two firms are helping to further improve this figure through this new expansion.

In practice, the development of Accenture products on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform has helped deliver improved cloud capabilities for clients. One client was able to realize a 99% reduction in downtime for rolling upgrades, a 100% reduction in downtime for operating system patching, and 50% faster development time through infrastructure as code, according to Accenture.

As the sheer volume of data produced by connected devices is stretching IT infrastructure, the partnership is also working to introduce edge computing solutions that can reduce latency and enhance the overall customer experience.

Written by Thu 12 May 2022


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