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Qlik announces partnership with games giant SEGA to drive data analytics

Written by Thu 9 Jun 2022

Since the advent of online and mobile gaming, the video games industry has changed massively. Iconic firm SEGA has heavily invested in advanced technological tools that enable the enterprise to gain more accurate and comprehensive insights from gamers.

Offering real-time data integration and analytics solutions, Qlik and its Qlik Sense service, are now being used by SEGA to enhance the analysis that each of the gaming titles undergoes by bringing together a range of complex game data and external data together.

According to Masaki Takeuchi, Section Manager of Business & Data Analysis Section, Business Planning Department, Game Contents & Service Business Division at SEGA, Qlik is able to free analysts from completing the mundane work of creating data reports. Perhaps most importantly, the Qlik service gives analysts more time to focus on genuinely complex challenges around analytics.

“By extracting better insights from more data sources faster, our employees can better understand market movements and evaluate game performance from multiple perspectives. We now have a data analytics environment where we can more actively work on the next big game hit.”

Mobile games developed today collect a great deal of data from users, with gaming companies also being able to use social media platforms during the games research process to analyse what’s working and what isn’t for users.

In the fast moving world of mobile gaming, even a relatively small advantage over competitors can pay dividends in the future. Even if a mobile gamer deals with a small negative experience, it can cause them to simply download a new game.

A total of 450 different reports, that used to be manually created, are now able to be automatically generated. This technological innovation means that in practice the workload for the analytics team on each game title can be reduced by 170 hours.

Written by Thu 9 Jun 2022


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