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Post Office Horizon scandal to be examined at Tech Show London with insights from Nick Wallis and Jason Coyne

Written by Tue 20 Feb 2024

Post Office Horizon scandal to be examined at Tech Show London with insights from Nick Wallis and Jason Coyne

Following the hugely popular ITV drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office, Tech Show London is set to host an enlightening session on the Post Office Horizon scandal.

The session will feature Jason Coyne, the technical expert for the claimants in the Bates v. Post Office case, and Nick Wallis, the journalist and author behind ‘The Great Post Office Scandal’.

Taking place at ExCeL London on 6 March, this talk will unpack the multifaceted aspects of the scandal, providing lessons on handling corporate PR and legal challenges, and avoiding similar pitfalls.

This session at Tech Show London promises to offer valuable insights into the Post Office Horizon scandal, drawing on the experiences and expertise of Jason Coyne and Nick Wallis.

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Unpacking the Post Office Horizon System

The Horizon system, central to the scandal, will be dissected from both technical and corporate perspectives.

Jason Coyne will provide an in-depth look into the system’s setup and operational failures.

His expertise in large IT systems and courtroom experiences offers a unique vantage point on the technical breakdowns that contributed to the scandal.

Nick Wallis will complement this with a discussion on how the Horizon system was integral to the Post Office’s operations and the investigative process into corporate misconduct.

Identifying the Failures

The session will explore the many issues that led to the scandal, including inadequate staff training, power imbalances, significant technical failures within the Horizon system, as well as contractual disputes between Fujitsu, the Post Office, and Subpostmasters.

The discussion will explore how these factors created a perfect storm, leading to the wrongful prosecution of hundreds Subpostmasters and the subsequent legal battles.

Litigation and Its Repercussions

The prospect of litigation, particularly in tech-related disputes, often forces the disclosure of uncomfortable truths.

This segment of the session will discuss how litigation can unveil systemic failures and lead to corporate accountability, but also how it can spell disaster for unprepared companies.

The conversation will stress the importance of transparency and ethical conduct to prevent litigation leading to corporate downfall.

Emphasis on Avoiding Harm

A key theme of the session will be the importance of prioritising harm avoidance in corporate operations.

Jason and Nick will argue for constant vigilance against practices that could lead to harm, emphasising ethical considerations in business operations and decision-making processes.

Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scandal’s implications for the tech industry and the broader corporate world, along with actionable strategies for preventing similar crises.

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Written by Tue 20 Feb 2024

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