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Portus Data Centers announces Hamburg data centre expansion

Written by Mon 29 Jan 2024

Portus Data Centers has announced plans to build a new data centre in Hamburg, Germany.

The expansion will provide an additional IT capacity of up to 14MW built across several phases. The first phase is planned for the end of Q4 2025.

“This is another step in our buy-and-build regional data centre strategy to add additional capacity across all of our current and future locations to meet growing customer demand,” said Adriaan Oosthoek, Chairman of Portus Data Centers.

There are currently two Internet Port Hamburg (IPHH) data centres in the east of Hamburg, which have a combined IT output of 2.4MW. Both Portus and IPHH are owned by Arcus Infrastructure Partners.

IPHH has acquired land and power connections adjacent to its current data centre on Wendenstrasse in Hamburg for expansion. The new data centre will leverage the dense network connections of the existing site, enabling direct access to networks and providers through fibre optic cross-connects.

“We are already seeing considerable interest in the planned new location; The demand for colocations in general and especially for highly networked data centre that offer additional added value is very high in the Hamburg market,” said Sasha Pollok, CEO of IPHH.

In December 2023, Portus Data Centers was launched by Arcus for the German market.

Portus Data Centers includes four facilities in critical regional data centre locations, including Hamburg, Munich, and Luxembourg. This platform, bolstered by the recent acquisition of IPHH by Arcus, follows earlier acquisitions this year of a Munich-based data centre from SpaceNet AG and the Luxembourg-based data centre company, European Data Hub.

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Written by Mon 29 Jan 2024

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