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OVHcloud announces compensation for customers impacted by March fire

Written by Thu 8 Apr 2021

Cloud provider’s founder and chairman Octave Klaba has outlined what customers impacted by the fire can expect from the company

OVHcloud, a leading non-hyperscale provider of data centre services, has been hard at work making repairs following the fire that destroyed a data centre in Strasbourg last month, bringing power and services back online and making plans to accommodate customers affected by the fire.

With 27 facilities across France, the U.S., UK, and Australia, OVHcloud operates four data centres in close proximity in Strasbourg, SBG1, SBG2, SBG3, and SBG4. The fire is said to have completely destroyed SBG2, while teams have been working around the clock to bring the other data centres back online. Now, as customer data and processes are transferred to the other facilities, OVHcloud founder and chairman Octave Klaba has outlined what customers impacted by the fire can expect from the company.

The plan appears to be in three separate tiers, depending on the type of service the customer enrolled in: bare metal, private cloud, or public cloud. Compensation is also dependent on whether customers had signed up for an OVHcloud disaster recovery service or were responsible for their own.

Refunds have already been issued to customers whose services were interrupted by the fire. In addition, customers with virtual private servers (VPS) will receive an additional three months if their servers were not destroyed. If the VPS was destroyed, and the customer had not signed up for OVHcloud disaster recovery, they will be refunded for six months of services.

Customers whose VPS was destroyed that did have OVHcloud disaster recovery services will still receive 6 months compensation, but will also have their servers rebuilt by OVHcloud. If, however, their servers cannot be rebuilt for some reason, they will get a full refund and three years of free service going forward.

This fire highlighted the need for businesses to understand how data storage and backup responsibilities are divided between themselves and their data centre or cloud provider, and ensure that comprehensive disaster recovery plans are in place. OVHcloud reached out to customers after the fire, to offer support if they needed assistance activating their DR plans.

Even today, 75% of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place. While this can be attributed to a lack of available expertise, or resources, the downtime and data loss can impact business operations in the long term. However, businesses that do have a DRP in place – whether they manage it internally, or engage DRaaS through their cloud provider or a third party – fully recover operations 96% of the time.

Written by Thu 8 Apr 2021


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