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Research shows organisations expect to ramp up tech investment post Covid-19

Written by Tue 23 Jun 2020

Research shows  IT staff believe increased IT support needed during lockdown will spark fresh investment in tech

Investment in new tech by businesses is likely to increase despite uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic, new research suggests.

A survey of IT professionals by CWJobs as part of its annual Confidence Index found that almost half (49%) of senior staff believe they will increase their tech budget in the wake of the outbreak.

With millions working from home during lockdown, the need for good IT support in keeping many businesses running was highlighted, and the research found that 39 percent of those asked said general IT skills were the most needed in order for businesses to succeed.

Dominic Harvey, director at CWJobs said: “It’s not a huge surprise to see that Covid-19 has had an impact on the tech industry, much like the rest of the business world.

“However, it is good to see overall confidence in the sector remains high and that is justified by the vital role the industry has played in keeping UK businesses running and providing integral support to those operating on the front line.

“Despite this being a tough time at the moment, the UK’s tech scene is being recognised for the role it’s playing and could be set to be in a good enough place to kick on once the pandemic subsides if IT budgets are increased.

“Until then, it’s clear IT professionals are focused on providing the support they can and ensuring they have the right skills in place to keep things running now, before expanding in the future as everything gets back on track.”

Looking ahead, the research suggests that those in the industry believe cybersecurity knowledge will be vital going forward, with 36 percent of those asked saying it was the most desired skill needed among IT professionals in the next year.

Artificial intelligence was identified as the specialism needed in the next two to five years, with 37 percent naming the technology as the top specialism required to succeed in the industry in that time period.

Written by Tue 23 Jun 2020


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