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OpenAI releases new AI model in race to the top

Written by Thu 16 May 2024

Image Credit: Reuters

In the race to create the most advanced AI model, ChatGPT creator OpenAI recently announced the launch of its latest model called GPT-4o.

This new model is able to engage in voice conversations and interact with users across both text and images. Due to the real-time responses that this updated model can provide, its makers said this is the best AI model available in the world.

Users are even able to interrupt ChatGPT, mimicking real life conversations. While ChatGPT has proved to be extremely popular since its launch, the rise of competitor models is leading the Microsoft-backed chatbot business to continue its innovation at speed.

“Talking to a computer has never felt really natural for me; now it does. As we add (optional) personalisation, access to your information, the ability to take actions on your behalf, and more, I can really see an exciting future where we are able to use computers to do much more than ever before,” said Sam Altman, CEO at OpenAI in a blog post.

In a livestream event celebrating the launch of GPT-4o, a demo was shown where a researcher was able to solve a math equation by using the vision and voice features of the new model. Real-time language translation was also demonstrated by GPT-4o.

According to OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, GPT-4o can be accessed at no cost to users, as it is more cost-effective compared to previous models.

When ChatGPT was released in 2022, it quickly reached the millstone of being the fastest app to achieve 100 million monthly users.

The day after the OpenAI announcement, Google also announced it has made a number of enhancements to its AI technologies, illustrating the rush to be the first to innovate. Google said it will incorporate some search engine results into AI responses and these will be written in conversational language.

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Written by Thu 16 May 2024

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