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Open Compute Project reveals Strategy 2.0 plan

Written by Finbarr Toesland Thu 12 Aug 2021

The Open Compute Project (OCP), a collaborative community of engineers, recently announced expansive future plans for the foundation.

Founded ten years ago, OCP is now setting its focus on open silicon designs and will work to boost innovation around AI, sustainable immersion cooling and optics.

There are now 12 project groups with key sub-projects at OCP, which allow participants to discuss develop and share designs of data centre products and best practices among companies. In the decade OCP has operated, it has made major contributions to open compute standards, with more than 350 collaborations being created from the formation of multiple working groups.

Despite the introduction of Strategy 2.0 by OCP, they will still work on all aspects of modular hardware design, including compute, storage, switches, accelerators, and racks. However, in response to high levels of interest in new initiatives, they will now also work on open hardware, chiplets and cooling.

According to Rebecca Weekly, OCP Chairman of the Board, this shift will not only ensure a more defined focus on current market needs but will also enable the organisation to concentrate on the future of open-source hardware innovation.

“As we look to the future, the Board sees computation requiring increasingly heterogenous and disaggregated solutions, and it is more important than ever for the ecosystem to come together to reimagine hardware and its ability to address this growing complexity with sustainable, secure and manageable practices,” says Weekly in a recent blog post announcing the new strategy.

“The Foundation is launching new focus areas in alignment with the Board’s OCP 2.0 strategy, a set of initiatives focused on the next generation to meet the market needs and seed future innovation,” she adds.

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Finbarr Toesland

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