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Nvidia unveils advancements in zero-trust data centre security

Written by Thu 7 Apr 2022

At the GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2022), Nvidia took time to showcase new technology that will address cyber security gaps in the data centre. These include advancements in micro-segmentation, confidential computing, and an AI platform – all of which are fundamental to the implementation of zero-trust security measures in the data centre.


The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently released guidance on how businesses in the UK can implement principles of zero-trust security. These include best practices for managing identities, architecture, behaviours, policy, and authentication.

Data centres that utilize legacy software often have difficulty implementing least-privilege access, identity access management, and privileged access management. These techniques are resource-intensive, consuming excessive time and effort to implement on a legacy architecture.

At the conference, Nvidia announced a new line of GPU architecture to succeed the existing Ampere line. The first in the new line of Hopper graphics cards, called the H100, will contain 80 billion transistors and a new ‘Transformer’ engine, designed to speed AI calculations. The H100 can also be partitioned into seven disparate instances to support segmentation and confidential computing.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang noted: “Data centres are becoming AI factories – processing and refining mountains of data to produce intelligence. Nvidia H100 is the engine of the world’s AI infrastructure that enterprises use to accelerate their AI driven businesses.”

With the partitioning capabilities of the H100, a data centre can isolate and encrypt data during processing while at the same time increasing the speed of calculations. This is a critical aspect of zero-trust security that is difficult to manage using legacy data centre management systems.

Nvidia also launched DOCA 1.3 at the GTC 2022 conference, along with updates to more than 60 software development kits (SDKs). This, in conjunction with Nvidia Morpheus – the company’s open-source, AI-based cyber security tool – supports adaptive, real-time monitoring and optimization of cyber security efforts in the data centre.

Written by Thu 7 Apr 2022


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