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NexGen Cloud to invest $1bn in Europe’s first AI Supercloud

Written by Thu 28 Sep 2023

NexGen Cloud is set to invest £820 million ($1 billion) to build an AI Supercloud in Europe.

The AI Supercloud aims to meet rising demand for high-speed computing. It will also align with the industry’s interest in generative AI to enhance innovation and efficiency.

Through collaboration with NVIDIA, who recently a became the first chip manufacturer to reach a $1 trillion valuation, NexGen Cloud will deliver an AI Supercloud to ensure European enterprises remain globally competitive.

NexGen Cloud said £472 million ($576 million) is secured in hardware orders with suppliers.

“The NexGen Cloud AI Supercloud will provide businesses across Europe with access to this high-end compute power, unlocking the true potential of AI and high-performance computing innovations to help them stay competitive in an evolving global economy,” said Jaap Zuiderveld, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EMEA at NVIDIA.

Once finished, the AI Supercloud will offer a dedicated high-performance computing platform for European businesses and governments.

NexGen Cloud said this will allow users to run sensitive AI applications while adhering to European jurisdiction and privacy regulations.

“The AI Supercloud will empower businesses to gain competitive advantages in the next evolution of technology, all within the European jurisdiction and the data sovereignty and security that brings,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud.

When Will the AI Supercloud be Ready?

Deployment will begin in October 2023.

NexGen Cloud’s AI Supercloud services will be delivered by European data centres powered entirely by renewable energy. These will also consist of 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs by June 2024.

In the next year, access to the AI Supercloud will be made available through NexGen Cloud’s newly introduced Hyperstack platform.

NexGen Cloud has already started accepting pre-orders for its initial deployment in October.


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Written by Thu 28 Sep 2023

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