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NetCologne begins construction on sustainable data centre in Germany

Written by Wed 15 Nov 2023

NetCologne has begun construction on its first sustainable data centre in Cologne-Lövenich, Germany.

The Cologne-based telecommunications company is building a modern data centre with six rooms in the first construction phase. The facility is scheduled to be completed in spring 2024. 

“With our new data centre, we offer our customers data storage and processing services that are secure, regional and at the same time sustainable,” said Timo von Lepel, Managing Director at NetCologne. 

NetCologne’s new data centre expands the existing offering for business customers and will also be used for the company’s data processing. It is being built using a modular design and will be expanded at a later date.

NetCologne plans to enhance the energy efficiency of the data centre by implementing green facades, installing photovoltaic systems, and optimising the utilisation of waste heat. NetCologne will purchase green electricity from RheinEnergie for operations.

“The data volume grows year after year and with it the need for computing power … Thanks to our investments in the new data centre capacities in our hometown, this growth can take place in a CO₂-neutral manner and in close proximity to our customers,” said Dr Claus van der Velden, Commercial Director at NetCologne. 

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Written by Wed 15 Nov 2023

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