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Microsoft to open 31 new Azure edge sites

Written by Wed 28 Aug 2019

Microsoft now operates 150 Azure edge sites across over 50 countries

Microsoft is to open an additional 31 Azure edge sites, bringing its total portfolio of edge nodes to 150 across 50 counties and sub-30 milliseconds latency to 80 percent of the global GDP, the company announced.

“We are adding new edges every week, and our ambition is to provide this level of performance to all of our global audience,” said Yousef Khalidi, corporate VP, Azure Networking.

Public cloud providers are racing to bring connectivity closer to the user in a bid to accelerate cloud adoption by providing lower-latency connection, a major inhibitor of cloud uptake.

Public cloud providers have a number of options when moving closer to the user: they can either connect to Internet Exchanges, build-out smaller edge data centres themselves, or partner with telcos and other providers that are placing infrastructure at the base of cell towers. The majority of Azure edge sites are not data centres but connectivity nodes located on major Internet Exchanges around the world that provide local access points to and from the vast Microsoft global network.

Azure edge sites also come with a number of features designed to appeal to infrastructure and development teams, including improved optimisation for application delivery through Azure Front Door, high-bandwidth content through Azure Content Delivery Network and 100 gbps of fully redundant bandwidth directly to Microsoft’s global network through Azure Express Route.

Microsoft also announced the construction of 14 new meet-me sites to Azure ExpressRoute, increasing the availability of dedicated private connections between customers’ on-premises environments and Azure.

“Through deployment and operation of globally and strategically placed edge sites, Microsoft dramatically accelerates the performance and experience when you are accessing apps, content, or services such as Azure and Office 365 on the Microsoft global network,” said Khalidi.

Written by Wed 28 Aug 2019


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