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Microsoft nuclear tech job posting signals new data centre power strategy

Written by Wed 27 Sep 2023

Microsoft has posted a job listing for a ‘principal programme manager for nuclear technology’ to power data centres hosting Microsoft Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI).

The successful candidate will be responsible for maturing and implementing a global Small Modular Reactor (SMR) and microreactor energy strategy.  

The candidate will craft a dynamic technology integration roadmap, oversee technology partners and solutions selection, and consistently evaluate business impact during implementation.

“The next major wave of computing is being born, as the Microsoft Cloud turns the world’s most advanced AI models into a new computing platform,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft.

Microsoft aims to generate energy through nuclear fission. This is a process where atoms split, releasing energy in the process.

Nadella said the company is committed to helping their customers use their platforms and tools to innovate for the future in the new era of AI.

Microsoft to Invest in Nuclear

In May, Helion Energy announced the ‘world’s first’ fusion energy purchase agreement with Microsoft.

The fusion power company said it will provide Microsoft with electricity from its first fusion power plant.

The plant is expected to be online by 2028. It will target power generation of 50MW or greater after a one-year ramp up period.

The planned start date for this unique facility is ‘significantly sooner’ than typical projections for commercial fusion power deployment.

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, is also the chairman of the board of TerraPower, a nuclear innovation company in the process of developing and scaling small modular reactor designs.

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Written by Wed 27 Sep 2023

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