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Microsoft appoints DeepMind Co-founder to lead new AI division

Written by Wed 20 Mar 2024

Image Credit: Reuters

Microsoft has appointed the Co-founder of artificial intelligence (AI) company, DeepMind, as the CEO of its new AI division, Microsoft AI.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, added Mustafa Suleyman will also take up the position of Executive Vice President of Microsoft AI, focusing on advancing Copilot and Microsoft’s other consumer AI products and research.

“I have known Mustafa for several years and have greatly admired him as a founder of both DeepMind and Inflection, and as a visionary, product maker, and builder of pioneering teams that go after bold missions,” said Nadella.

Nadella also announced that Karén Simonya, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of machine learning and generative AI company, Inflection, will also be joining Microsoft AI as Chief Scientist. There are no other changes to the senior leadership team or other organisations.

“Karén is a renowned AI researcher and thought leader, who has led the development of some of the biggest AI breakthroughs over the past decade including AlphaZero,” said Nadella.

Several members of the Inflection team have chosen to join Suleyman and Simonya at Microsoft. 

“They include some of the most accomplished AI engineers, researchers, and builders in the world. They have designed, led, launched, and co-authored many of the most important contributions in advancing AI over the last five years,” added Nadella.

Nadella emphasised the need for Microsoft to ensure its AI platform’s capability and capacity for innovation, which led to the leadership announcement. He highlighted Microsoft’s commitment to developing AI infrastructure, including custom systems and silicon work, in alignment with OpenAI’s foundation model roadmap.

 “We have a real shot to build technology that was once thought impossible and that lives up to our mission to ensure the benefits of AI reach every person and organisation on the planet, safely, and responsibly,” said Nadella. 

In October, Microsoft, Google DeepMind, Anthropic, OpenAI, Amazon, and Meta published AI safety policy updates following pressure from the UK Government. The technology companies hope to boost transparency and encourage the sharing of best practices within the AI community.

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Written by Wed 20 Mar 2024

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