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Meta to develop new AI system to rival OpenAI

Written by Wed 13 Sep 2023

Meta is developing a new artificial intelligence (AI) language model to rival OpenAI.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the planned model will be more powerful that Llama 2, its open source large language model.

The AI system is expected to help companies build services that produce sophisticated text, analysis, and other outputs.

Meta is expected to start training their AI LLM in early 2024.

Tech Giants Compete for LLM Supremacy

Llama 2 was launched in July to compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. The system owned by Meta is supported by Microsoft Azure.

Apple are also rumoured to be working on a AI system known as ‘Ajax‘ that could rival other large language models. It is also testing a chatbot that some engineers have dubbed ‘Apple GPT’.

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Written by Wed 13 Sep 2023

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