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Mellanox to stay independent from Nvidia and retain CEO, says Jensen Huang

Written by Mon 25 Mar 2019

On a visit to Israel, Nvidia chief says he wants Eyal Waldman to remain as CEO and commits to local expansion

Two weeks after Nvidia announced it was to acquire Mellanox for $6.9 billion, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang visited the chipmaker’s Israeli HQ in Yokniam to give a joint press conference with its founder and CEO Eyal Waldman.

Fending off local fears that the acquisition signalled a downsizing of Mellanox’s Middle Eastern footprint, Huang told the press that he plans to expand its Israel activities and that both the InfiniBand and Ethernet product lines will continue to be produced as normal.

“There will be absolutely no layoffs. We’ll keep every single employee,” Huang said. “This company is renowned for its technical excellence. There’s no way we’d not continue to invest in it. I’ve liked Mellanox for some time and this has been a one-time opportunity to buy it. Spread the rumour, we will hire more employees.”

Huang added that he “hoped” Mellanox co-founder and CEO Eyal Waldman will remain at the helm of the 3,000 person company.

“It’s our intention and my hopes that Eyal will lead Mellanox Israel for as long as he shall live,” he said. “I want to build this amazing company with him.”

Waldman, sat beside Huang, added that he wanted to ‘work with Jensen to make the company excellent’.

Two weeks ago Nvidia announced the acquisition of Mellanox for $6.9 billion following a surge of interest in the chipmaker after it delivered a strong fiscal 2018. In January it was reported that Intel was mulling over a $6 billion bid; Microsoft and Xilinx were also reportedly interested.

Mellanox was founded in 1999 and designs application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) built for data centre and HPC networking. Its InfiniBand interconnect provides superfast inter-server connectivity and is found in some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Written by Mon 25 Mar 2019


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