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Mailchimp bets on AI-powered email marketing campaigns

Written by Thu 28 Oct 2021


The marketing automation platform and email marketing service, Mailchimp, recently announced the launch of their new Content Optimizer product. Focused on utilising advances in artificial intelligence to boost the performance of email marketing campaigns, Content Optimizer forms insights from the massive amounts of data the firm holds on what a successful marketing campaign looks like.

A combination of machine learning models and business rules help predict the impact of campaigns, as well as offer advice on ways they can be enhanced. From suggestions on content, images and layout, content marketing is made far simpler than before.

John Wolf, product manager of smart content at Mailchimp, lead the development of Content Optimizer and believes machine learning can be used to fundamentally improve the entire creative process for content marketing.

“The idea was, what if we could use machine learning to understand marketing content? If software can understand what story marketing content is telling and how it’s telling it, it can then correlate features with marketing outcomes and start to standardize and add data to much of the creative process and replace those opinions with data,” Wolf told TechTalks.

The advantages of deploying AI in the creation and analysis of content marketing is clear. By comparing current projects to successful previous campaigns, weaknesses can be quickly identified and staff can incrementally build towards a more impactful content. Data is essential to the effective operations of any AI solution, with a lack of data reducing the quality of an AI product.

Unlike conventional content creation processes, which are relatively slow and manual, machine learning greatly assists by adding insights from data. As Mailchimp has customers in virtually every sector, they have been able to train machine learning models with large amounts of data to make them most effective.

Written by Thu 28 Oct 2021


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