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Komprise Deep Analytics automates unstructured data finding across on-premises and cloud storage

Written by Tue 10 Sep 2019

Komprise is making searching for and analysing unstructured multi-vendor data a whole lot easier

US-based data management provider Komprise has announced the general availability of Deep Analytics, a new tool to help organisations find and analyse unstructured data across multiple on-premises and cloud storage platforms.

Deep Analytics combines with Komprise’s existing data search and indexing technology to automate the process of finding relevant unstructured data — data that is often made up of billions of files across millions of directories. The central idea is to make this constellation of data fragments look and feel like a single entity, no matter how spread out they are across storage vendors and clouds.

The tool then creates ‘virtual data lakes’, allowing data teams to perform analytics on the unstructured data, something typically hard to do. In a press release announcing the launch, Komprise said users can export virtual data lakes to ‘any analytics application or destination’.

“The launch of Komprise Deep Analytics extends our commitment to help customers to manage the exponential growth of data in a way that minimises costs and adds greatest value to the business,” said Kumar Goswami, CEO at Komprise.

“Many of the end-users we talk to are experiencing an increase in requests from the business for historical data for analytics projects and becoming frustrated by the length of time it is taking to identify and extract the relevant data. In early customer trials, Komprise Deep Analytics is reducing the time to value for Big Data projects by 60%.”

The company’s overarching data management platform is designed to improve the way data is stored and managed. The cloud-based tool uses data growth analytics to identify, plan and manage hot and cold data across multi-vendor storage locations, enabling organisations to move cold or rarely used data to lower-cost storage, such as the cloud, without impacting user experience.

Komprise Deep Analytics is an add-on tool that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Cloud functionality is available immediately, and the on-premises version will be available later this year.

Written by Tue 10 Sep 2019


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