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Kao Academy educates UK children on the importance of data centres

Written by Thu 19 May 2022

Kao Data, in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Centre, has launched a new website called Kao Academy. This new STEM education initiative aims to educate children from the ages of 7 to 11 about the purpose and role of data centres in their daily lives.


Adam Nethersole, Vice President at Kao Data, noted that while the importance of the data centre has grown tremendously over the past few years much of the population is unclear on their relevance. “Data centres are today instrumental to our way of life – they underpin many of our daily activities, support our work, entertainment, retail and financial choices, facilitate human inter-communication and were fundamental in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”


“Despite all of this, general understanding and appreciation of data centres is surprisingly low. Starting with children, and through the Kao Academy, our mission is to drive greater awareness of data centres, their crucial role, and showcase the people who design, build and operate them.”


The Kao Academy website offers children the opportunity to learn about data centres using interactive resources including ‘Big Data Cruncher’, a matching game; a data centre model-builder; and a design-your-own data centre contest with a £150 Lego voucher and a trip to the Kao facility in Harlow as a prize.


The instructions for the data centre design contest reiterate the central message of the website, which is to build appreciation of and enthusiasm for data centres among young people. The site notes, “Great data centres need great designs and great designers! Now, it’s your turn – and don’t forget they cost millions of pounds to build and must be high-tech, really reliable and super secure!”


The website also provides educational videos including. “How we built Kao Data” and “Data centres are superhero buildings, here’s why!” 


In a press release, the company notes that their aim isn’t only to create data centre enthusiasts, however, but to “engage the next generation of technology enthusiasts” as part of the larger initiative to support early STEM education. 


The Kao data centre in Harlow featured on the Kao Academy website was recently expanded, with the company breaking ground on Phase II construction of a new 10 MW facility at the Harlow campus. The expansion is intended to support growth in its customer base across functions including cloud, HPC and AI.

Written by Thu 19 May 2022

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