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JSM Group to help deliver Hemel Hempstead data centre project

Written by Tue 26 Sep 2023

JSM Group have been selected to design and construct a new grid connection for a Hemel Hempstead data centre.

Upon completion, the work will enable the connection of a new Hemel Hempstead data centre in Prologis Park through a new 132/33kV substation.

The works spans over 16.3km in both the carriageway and footpath and consists of two phases.

Phase one will consist of the excavation and installation of cable ducts in various roads.

JSM will work with Hertfordshire County Council to ensure minimum disruption to the public. This will include avoiding main roads, working longer hours, working outside schools during the summer break and carrying our 24-hour working at the weekends in specific busy locations.

Phase two will involve excavating joint bays, installing cables, performing jointing work, restoring the site and clearing it.

As the works progress JSM Group has committed to holding frequent reviews with Hertfordshire County Highways. Weekly updates will also be provided to assess ‘suitable changes’ as the project develops.

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Written by Tue 26 Sep 2023

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