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Japanese data centre operator unveils state-of-the-art facility

Written by Thu 4 Jul 2024

Japanese data center operator At Tokyo Corporation, known as @Tokyo, has officially launched its latest facility – the At Tokyo Chuo Center #3 (CC3).

The new data centre in the Shibaura-Shinagawa area of Tokyo is set to become one of Japan’s leading network hubs, with strong connectivity and sustainability features.

The CC3 facility is built on an 8,000sqm site. It offers 40MW of power across its white space and can accommodate around 3,000 racks.

This multi-story facility aims to serve primarily as an interconnection hub for public cloud services, Internet Exchanges (IXs), and enterprise users, enhancing the region’s digital infrastructure and connectivity capabilities.

The data centre features high-speed connectivity, redundant power systems, and advanced cooling systems.

“Our goal is to continue to provide businesses in the region with effective communication hubs and datacentres that use the best possible technology infrastructure, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition and thrive in today’s digital economy,” said Akira Nakamura, CEO at @Tokyo when the facility was announced.

Nakamura added with the new facility, the company is confident it will be able to deliver on that promise and provide the best possible service to its users.

Japan Experiences Data Centre Surge

The Japanese data centre market is well-established in the APAC region, and is supported by government regulations, economic policies, and investment incentives. This has led to a surge in investments from local and global data centre operators from companies like @Tokyo, Equinix, SoftBank, and DigitalEdge.

A number of major tech companies are constructing hyperscale data centre facilities in Japan, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In total, data centre investments are expected to reach £11.2 billion ($14.48 billion) over the next five years.

Currently, 90% of Japanese data centre services are located in the urban areas of Tokyo and Osaka, assisted by construction and expansion of existing data centres.

Earlier this year Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a plan to invest in a major expansion of cloud computing infrastructure in both Tokyo and Osaka. However, as these cities are built out more fully, alternative locations for future projects have been proposed including Uki City, Yoshinogari Town, Tottori City, and Nogata City.

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Written by Thu 4 Jul 2024

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