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ISC2 partners with Cloud & Cyber Security Expo to advance professional development

Written by Tue 27 Feb 2024

Cybersecurity training and certifications specialist ISC2 has partnered with Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, recognising it as a vital event for members to earn CPE credits while staying abreast of cybersecurity developments.

This collaboration aligns with the need for continuous learning and provides invaluable networking opportunities for career development.

“Through partnering with leading industry conferences such as Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, we are allowing members to continue their professional development, while networking and earning CPE credits,” said Ed Parsons, CISSP, Director at ISC2.

Enhancing Cybersecurity Expertise through CPE Credits

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are crucial for cybersecurity professionals to maintain their certification or ISC2 Associate status.

These credits, obtainable through various learning activities, ensure professionals continue to grow and uphold excellence in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field. Benefits include industry recognition, skill enhancement, and networking opportunities.

“Cloud & Cyber Security Expo brings together thousands of experts to share ideas and drive much-needed collaboration in the industry.

“In-person conferences provide education on the latest trends, best practices and solutions available to help professionals stay ahead of evolving trends and better defend their organisations from emerging threats,” added Parsons.

Focused Panel Session on Diversity in Cybersecurity

At Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, ISC2 will host a panel titled ‘Women in Cyber: Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Cybersecurity Workforce’ to address the gender gap in the field.

The panellists include Cigdem Bildirici, VP of Business Development at ISC2; Madhu Bashini, Senior Information Security Officer for Hammersmith & Fulham Council; and Cheila Dos Santos, Head of Cyber Programme Delivery at Natura & Co.

With only 25% of the cybersecurity workforce being women, the panel aims to inspire diversity and inclusivity in the profession, crucial for addressing the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

Panellists will discuss their personal experiences of working in a male-dominated profession, how we can collectively address the challenges of attracting and retaining women, and inspire individuals from all backgrounds to embark on a career in cybersecurity.

“The work of a cybersecurity professional can be relentless and demanding – always striving to stay informed on the latest technologies, threats and defences. Professionals are often short on time. We want to ensure members can maintain their certification or Associate status by accessing a broad range of education opportunities, that fit in with their schedules,” said Parsons.

Join Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is one of the largest IT security events in Europe.

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Written by Tue 27 Feb 2024

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