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Irish politicians threatened over abandoned Apple data centre

Written by Tue 26 Nov 2019

Anonymous letter writer threatens families of local politicians

Politicians involved in Apple’s plan to build an €850m data centre in Athenry, Ireland have received letters threatening their families if the now abandoned facility does not progress by Christmas.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Galway Council councillor Gabriel Connolly confirmed he, fellow councillor Shelly Herterich Quinn and other Irish MPs received a disturbing typewritten letter in the post, which reads:

“This is a message to you. The people of Athenry have waited long enough for Apple. They might have endless patience but I don’t.

“Get Apple here by Christmas, or things will happen to you, and your families. You might think that this is an idle threat but can you risk it?

“Remember. You don’t know me when we might pass on the street. But I will know you, and I will find out who your families are. Anonymous.”

Connolly said he was disgusted by the letter and speculated that its writer might be mentally ill, adding he would not be intimidated by “anyone”.

Apple scrapped plans for the giant data centre last year after a protracted judiciary process caused a three-year planning delay.

Almost as soon as the tech giant unveiled plans for the facility in February 2015, it faced backlash from local residents and experts who criticised the data centre’s power requirements and impact on local wildlife.

Apple received planning permission from a council approval board in August 2016, but the decision was subjected to a High Court challenge from two local residents. After the challenge was dimissed, the residents unsuccessfully appealed the decision in Ireland’s Supreme Court. Nevertheless, a frustrated Apple, which is reported to have paid €15m for the location, put the site up for sale in October.

Written by Tue 26 Nov 2019


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