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InterXion opens new data centre in Paris

Written by Tue 7 Sep 2021


InterXion, a Digital Realty company, has opened a new data centre in the Paris metro area. The new facility, known as Par12, is the company’s 12th Parisian data centre, located in Ferrieres-en-Brie, just 30 km east of the city.

Par12 will provide 12 MW capacity across the 690 sqm facility, comprised of eight separate data halls. The new facility supports resilience in operations and improved disaster recovery (DR) services, complementing the existing InterXion data centres.

The demand for data centre services is expected to continue to grow across Europe, but to be particularly strong in Paris according Digital Realty’s own Data Gravity Index. Their study projects that ‘data gravity intensity’ will continue to grow in the Paris metro area, doubling each year from 2021 through 2024.

According to the company’s Data Gravity Index, there are specific metro areas that share a ‘unique attraction rate’, whereby growing demand in one city drives growth in another. Digital Realty has noted a paired attraction rate between Paris and London – with shared traffic between the two cities driving growth in both.

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Fabrice Coquio, Managing Director of InterXion France, noted the strategic importance of new data centre facilities in Paris to meet projected strong growth in demand. “This new strategic location meets the strong demand from content and cloud providers, who are interested in a third hub in the Paris region,” he said.

“It will also allow companies in the east of France to improve the resilience of their infrastructure by being located close to Paris, while being connected to a high-performance low latency network.  It marks a new chapter in Interxion’s development in France to continue to meet customers’ demand.”

InterXion was acquired by Digital Realty in 2019 and has been following a strategy of fast expansion across Europe. In May 2021, the company broke ground on a data centre in Marseilles; and have also planned new facilities in Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Earlier this month, following the strategy of European expansion, InterXion announced that the company would lease an additional 12,000 sqm of data center space in Dusseldorf, Germany. With the construction of new data centres across European capitals, and the expansion of existing facilities backed by the financial resources of Digital Realty, InterXion continues to increase its share of the European data centre market.

Written by Tue 7 Sep 2021


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