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Internet Archive disrupted by sustained DDoS attack

Written by Thu 30 May 2024

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Non-profit digital library the Internet Archive has faced days of distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as it attempts to ensure users can access services. The collections of more than 860 billion web pages are secure but accessing these pages is “inconsistent.”

“With the support from others and the hard work of staff we are hardening our defenses to provide more reliable access to our library. What is new is this attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean,” says Brewster Kahle, founder and digital librarian of the Internet Archive.

Tens of thousands of fake requests per second have been launched at the Internet Archive since the attack began. It is currently unclear who is behind the consistent attacks, with investigations continuing to discover the origins of the threat.

At the same time as trying to repeal DDoS attack, the Internet Archive is also facing long-standing challenges from book publishers and recording industry businesses. By claiming the Internet Archive is engaging in copyright infringement, these firms are demanding hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

A range of recording firms including UMG Recordings, Capitol Records, Concord Bicycle Assets, CMGI Recorded Music Assets and Sony Music filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive last year.

“I think they are trying to destroy this library entirely and hobble all libraries everywhere. But just as we’re resisting the DDoS attack, we appreciate all the support in pushing back on this unjust litigation against our library and others,” adds Kahle.

While perhaps an unlikely target for cyber criminals, a growing number of libraries and other knowledge institutions have come under attacks by hackers in recent years, including the British Library, the Berlin Natural History Museum and Ontario’s London Public Library.

Written by Thu 30 May 2024


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