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Intel unveils Gaudi 3 AI Chip to rival NVIDIA offerings

Written by Wed 10 Apr 2024

Image Credit: Intel

Intel has announced a new version of its artificial intelligence (AI) chip that intends to rival offerings from NVIDIA.

Named Gaudi 3, Intel said the chip is more than twice as power-efficient as NVIDIA’s H100 GPU and can run AI models one and a half times faster.

Gaudi 3 can also arrive in different configurations, like a bundle of eight Gaudi 3 chips on a single motherboard or a card that can be inserted into existing systems.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Data Centre and AI Group at Intel, Justin Hotard, said a gap persists within the company’s current offerings.

“Enterprises weigh considerations such as availability, scalability, performance, cost, and energy efficiency,” said Hotard.

Intel utilised Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s new 5nm process to construct the Gaudi 3 chips. These chips, featuring two main processor chips fused together, are twice as quick as their predecessor. They are designed for integration with thousands of other chips, enabling the generation of immense compute power when combined.

The Gaudi 3 chip will be available to server builders like Supermicro and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Q2 of 2024.

NVIDIA Maintains Market Dominance

In 2023, NVIDIA controlled around 83% of the data centre chip market. Last month, CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, announced the ‘world’s most powerful chip for AI as part of the semiconductor company’s Blackwell chip ecosystem.

NVIDIA said the Blackwell GPU architecture features six technologies for accelerated computing, intended to facilitate breakthroughs in data processing, engineering simulation, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, quantum computing and generative AI.

As part of the Blackwell chip lineup, the B200 represents a new generation of NVIDIA AI graphics processors designed to deliver significant performance upgrades over previous generations.

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Written by Wed 10 Apr 2024

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