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Iceotope completes study of data centre cooling systems

Written by Tue 25 May 2021

Cundall research compares liquid cooling and air cooling systems for the data centre.

Iceotope, a leading provider of liquid immersion cooling systems, commissioned an independent study from Cundall comparing liquid cooling to air cooling systems in the data centre.

The study covered the pros and cons of each type of cooling system with regards to efficiency, sustainability, and performance. The study also considered practical implications of replacing traditional data centre air cooling systems with liquid cooling systems.

Cundall found that liquid cooling offered better performance and energy efficiency than traditional air cooling systems, allowing data centre operators to improve capacity while at the same time reducing their overall impact on the environment.

Data centres are becoming more interested in alternatives to air cooling systems for a variety of reasons. The events of the past year have driven increased demand for data centre services; while companies are committed to reducing the overall environmental impact of data centre operations.

Consumers are concerned about the impact of data centres as well. Recently, Microsoft announced plans to collect rainwater to cool data centres in the Netherlands in response to community protests.

Data centre operators are feeling the pressure to increase capacity while controlling or reducing carbon footprint, and the consequences for a failure to cool the data centre effectively can be dire. A cooling issue in an Azure data centre caused the failure of several services, including the UK coronavirus dashboard, which became unavailable to users at the height of the pandemic.

Iceotope CEO David Craig pointed out the need for data centres to house powerful equipment for a growing range of user demands including AI and ML applications. “The challenge,” he said, “is to be able to effectively cool this type of equipment at scale in data centre and edge computing environments.” The limitations of air cooling as compared to liquid cooling systems were pointed out in the Iceotope / Cundall research study.

To share their findings, Iceotope Technologies, Cundall Research and Kao Data are hosting a one-hour webinar, “Data centres that don’t cost the earth,” on 16th June 2021 at 2 PM (BST).

Written by Tue 25 May 2021


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