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Report: IBM to unite Cloud Foundry and Red Hat OpenShift

Written by Thu 12 Sep 2019

IBM working on concept project to integrate the two platforms

IBM today took the wraps off a new project that aims to bring Cloud Foundry to Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform.

The company showcased the experimental project at the Cloud Foundry Summit in The Hague, with TechCrunch reporting that IBM plans to turn the experiment into a fully-fledged project that will allow Cloud Foundry users to deploy applications to OpenShift, while providing OpenShift customers with the famed Cloud Foundry experience.

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) popular with developers because of its speed, scalability and user experience. According to source {d}, the project boasts 50,000 commits a month. Red Hat’s OpenShift, an application container management platform powered by Kubernetes, has previously been seen as a challenger to Cloud Foundry, as they effectively compete for the same enterprise customer base.

There are a couple of reasons why IBM has decided to unite the two platforms. Firstly, it’s emblematic of the general trend of tech companies acknowledging that Kubernetes has won and that they will be shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t offer support for the container orchestrator.

As we saw at VMworld recently, when the king of virtualisation introduced vSphere support for Kubernetes, even the mightiest players in enterprise IT have decided they have no choice but to join the Kubernetes juggernaut. Cloud Foundry’s recent adoption of Kubernetes for application deployments and containerising the platform was itself yet another bending of the Kuber-knee.

In addition, IBM has always been fond of Cloud Foundry and has wasted no time in kickstarting its intregation with OpenShift now that it holds the reins at Red Hat. With many commentators pointing out that the best way to cash in on Kubernetes is to improve the developer experience, it also makes sense that IBM would seek to combine the lauded user experience of Cloud Foundry with the power of OpenShift.

“It’s another proof point that these things really work well together,” Cloud Foundry Foundation  CTO Chip Childers told TechCrunch ahead of the announcement. “That’s the developer experience that the CF community brings and in the case of IBM, that’s a great commercialization story for them.”

Written by Thu 12 Sep 2019


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