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Hyperscale data centre capacity doubling every four years, finds report

Written by Mon 29 Apr 2024

Hyperscale data centre capacity has doubled since 2020. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, according to a new report from Synergy Research,

The continued growth forecast is based on Synergy’s analysis of future hyperscale data centres, including those planned, developed, or pre-operational. The company’s count of facilities under development currently stands at 440, across these stages.

The total number of large data centres owned by hyperscale providers passed the 1000 mark earlier this year, with 60% of ownership concentrated on the big three hyperscale providers: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The remaining 40% of hyperscale facilities are owned by other big tech names, including Meta, Alibaba, Tencent, and Apple.

Synergy forecasted the total hyperscale capacity will double again over the next four years. This capacity will be driven by the need for increased compute power to support growing AI adoption.

Globally, the US tops the list of hyperscale facilities, with 51% of capacity: followed by Europe (17%), China (16%), the rest of APAC (10%), and the rest of the world (5%.)

Chief Analyst and Managing Director at Synergy, John Dinsdale, said complexity and nuance must be considered in any analysis of data centre capacity growth.

“Generally speaking, self-owned data centres are much bigger than leased data centres, and data centres in the home country of a hyperscale company are much bigger than its international facilities, although there are plenty of exceptions to these trends,” said Dinsdale.

Dinsdale also said that while hyperscalers are currently a focus for analysis, there is a lot of growth in the smaller edge facilities that must be considered.

“We are also seeing something of a bifurcation in data centre scale. While the core data centres are getting ever bigger, there is also an increasing number of relatively smaller data centres being deployed in order to push infrastructure nearer to customers. Putting it all together though, all major growth trend lines are heading sharply up and to the right,” said Dinsdale.

In October, Synergy analaysts found the total global hyperscale data centre capacity is set to triple over the next six years. Synergy Research Group found generative AI technology intensified the demand for more powerful and expansive facilities.

As individual data centres handle larger IT loads, the number of operational hyperscale data centres is also expected to increase.

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Written by Mon 29 Apr 2024

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