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Google to invest $10 billion building US data centres and offices in 2020

Written by Thu 27 Feb 2020

Google spent $13 billion building US data centres and offices last year

Google plans to invest more than $10 billion building data centres and offices across the United States this year.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, announced the news in a blog post.

He said the company’s new investments would be centred in states where it has an existing presence: Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and California.

Google spent $13 billion on US data centres and offices last year, taking its yearly capex past $23 billion, according to Synergy Research Group.

Google currently owns and operates thirteen data centres in the country, according to its own figures.

“This effort builds on the momentum of the $13 billion investment in communities from South Carolina to Nevada we made in 2019,” wrote Pichai.

“These investments will create thousands of jobs—including roles within Google, construction jobs in data centers and renewable energy facilities, and opportunities in local businesses in surrounding towns and communities.”

The news comes four months after the tech giant announced plans to invest €3 billion expanding its European data centre portfolio.

The only hyperscale scale operator with a capex higher than Google is Amazon, which spent over $25 billion last year.

Written by Thu 27 Feb 2020


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