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Google plans $9.5 billion USD investment in U.S. offices and data centres

Written by Fri 22 Apr 2022

Google announced plans to invest $9.5 billion USD in its locations in the United States, primarily in offices and data centres. These investments are expected to result in over 12,000 full-time jobs at the technology company by the end of 2022.


This number does not include the boost that the $9.5B investment is expected to provide to local communities, suppliers, vendors, and partners. Research cited in the announcement estimates that for every full time job created at high-technology company generates four additional jobs in the local economy.

This investment in data centres is unsurprising, considering the increased demand for data centre services following the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s commitment to spend more resources on office space is more unexpected, however, as the return to the office and in-person work has been slow and unsteady.

“It might seem counterintuitive to step up our investment in physical offices even as we embrace more flexibility in how we work,” said Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO. “Yet we believe it’s more important than ever to invest in our campuses.”

Specific investments in the southern region include new offices in Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX, along with continuing resources devoted to improving data centres in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

In the Eastern U.S., Google is going to spend more on its New York City offices, while investing in data centre campuses in Cambridge, MA and Pittsburgh, PA.

In the Midwest and Central regions, Google has promised to build out their data centre campus in Boulder, CO. They will also provide more resources to data centres in Council Bluffs, IA and Nebraska.

As a California-based company, it’s not surprising that the company will spend a large portion of its investment in the West. Google committed to provide $1 billion to build 20,000 houses in the Bay Area near San Francisco, to help the city with its ongoing housing crisis. This $1 billion comprises a large part of the overall $9.5 billion investment.

In addition, Google is spending on a new office and data centre in Oregon, and data centre campuses near Seattle, WA.

Written by Fri 22 Apr 2022


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