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Google partners with Danfoss for data centre energy efficiency

Written by Tue 30 Jan 2024

Google and Danish power solutions company, Danfoss, have announced a partnership to promote energy-efficient solutions in data centres and utilise artificial intelligence (AI) advances.

Danfoss is working with Google to implement sustainable cooling systems for data centres and design systems that reuse excess heat. Danfoss Turbocor compressors will be installed by Google to improve energy efficiency, as well as decarbonise heating and cooling systems in data centres.

Danfoss heat reuse modules enable Google to capture and repurpose data centre heat, offering renewable heating for on-site and nearby buildings, communities, and industries. The collaboration aims to enhance data centre sustainability across Europe, North America, and beyond by leveraging Danfoss’ decarbonisation knowledge. 

President at Danfoss Climate Solutions, Jürgen Fischer, said Danfoss wants to revolutionise how the company decarbonises data centres.

“When we partner up across industries like we have done with Google, we accelerate this development towards building better and more sustainable data centres using technologies available today,” added Fischer.

Danfoss will further leverage its decarbonisation expertise to enhance data centre sustainability across Europe, North America, and beyond.

“This is a great example of a partnership utilising each other’s strengths and using technology to optimise the user experience, increase productivity, and reach sustainability goals,” said J.P Clausen, Vice President of Data Centre Innovation at Google.

Clausen added these solutions help support Google’s 2030 goal of running data centres on carbon-free energy at all times.

Danfoss to Utilise Google Cloud’s AI

Under the collaboration, Danfoss will also use Google Cloud’s generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to optimise user experience, streamline internal work processes, and improve productivity across the organisation.

Danfoss said this will be achieved by using GenAI to collect and surface information, automate knowledge, generate product descriptions, and create solutions with chatbots in e-commerce.

This new agreement builds on an existing collaboration between the two companies. In September 2023, Danfoss, Google, and Schneider Electric founded the Net Zero Innovation Hub to accelerate the green transition of data centres.

In October, Google piloted a new demand response method to reduce data centre energy consumption during times when power grids are experiencing high stress. 

Google’s demand response system optimises data centre energy consumption by rescheduling non-essential compute tasks to alternate times and locations. These tasks include YouTube video processing and adding new words to Google Translate.

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Written by Tue 30 Jan 2024

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