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Gartner highlights value of AI, data and analytics to digital transformation

Written by Finbarr Toesland Mon 10 May 2021

“With disruption comes enormous opportunity to not just restart what we used to do, but forge new paths”

Business leaders gathered virtually for the Data & Analytics Summit Americas 2021 last week to explore how innovations in data and analytics can boost organisations in the rapidly changing corporate ecosystem.

As the rate of technological change continues to increase, experts at Gartner believe companies will only be able to increase their digital acceleration efforts by effectively using data and analytics. The lack of a systematic method to define the value of data and analytics is set to slow down organisational progress in this area.

“Optimising value from data and analytics is a continuous process. It’s not just a once a year activity, it’s not just a quarterly activity – you need to think about it as central to everything else that you manage,” says Rita L. Sallam, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory.

More and more enterprises are becoming aware of the skills and expertise that data and analytics (D&A) leaders can bring to digital transformation initiatives. A Gartner survey released last week found 72 per cent of D&A leaders are heavily involved in digital initiatives at their organisations, illustrating the growing understanding of the need to become a data-driven business to succeed with digital transformation.

While the challenges of the past few years have shifted priorities at many businesses, if members of corporate leadership are able to capitalise on the value of their data they will be better placed to deal with continuing business uncertainty. A core part of this new strategy will rely on forming a comprehensive data strategy that guides leaders through the coming period.

“With disruption comes enormous opportunity to not just restart what we used to do, but forge new paths. Data and analytics leaders that thrive will design and execute on a strategy that accelerates change, builds resilience and optimises business impact,” says Sallam.








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Finbarr Toesland

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