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French colocation data centre employs digital twin technology

Written by Thu 31 Mar 2022

The new Thésée data centre facility on the outskirts of Paris is not only certified as Tier IV by the Uptime Institute –  it also employs a 6Sigma Digital Twin.

This technology was implemented to improve Thésée operations management, while offering clients a unique, home-away-from-home colocation experience.

A digital twin, in the data centre, is a complete simulation of the physical data centre and the processes taking place within. For Thésée Data Centre, this means a precise and accurate real-time duplication of the equipment – both facility equipment and customer IT equipment – and processes inside the data centre. Customers will be able to access an end-to-end DCMS architecture through a web portal, while Thésée can monitor, optimize, and forecast changes using the digital twin for better decision-making.

In a whitepaper describing the project, Future Facilities noted, “The 6Sigma Digital Twin is such an effective tool because it takes account of precisely which IT equipment is in each IT rack, how the data centre is laid out and how airflow, cooling, weight and power are affected using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to calculate the current state and the impact of any potential changes. It is useful for detecting issues such as hotspots, particularly problematic in multi-density environments. It has a two-way exchange of data to monitoring and asset management systems to utilise this information in the 6Sigma Digital Twin model.”

Thésée Data Centres intends to use the digital twin to reduce risk, by simulating changes to the data centre and monitoring the effects; optimize rack and equipment placement; and improve capacity planning in the short- and long-term.

Eric Arbaretaz, CTO and Co-Founder of Thésée Data Centre said of the new facility: “Thésée Data Centre aims to offer the best combination of qualities currently sought by customers: a sovereign, eco-responsible data centre offering the best level of security and availability at a competitive price.”

He went on to say that the 6Sigma digital twin “will enable us to analyse, model and test future scenarios for the evolution of the IT room to offer a risk-free environment for our customers, make maximum use of the site’s capacity, anticipate changes to the air conditioning infrastructure, which is modular, and achieve our very ambitious energy performance objectives.”

Written by Thu 31 Mar 2022


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