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Former Mexican regulator lodges anti-trust complaint against Apple and Google

Written by Thu 15 Sep 2022

Apple and Google

Both Google and Apple have been named in a complaint filed by Mony de Swaan Addati, Mexico’s former telecommunications boss. This complaint is one of several that Apple is facing across the world, as a number of regulators consider filing anti-trust lawsuits or investigations against the world’s largest company.

The main focus of these lawsuits is the App Store, which complaints argue is dominated by Apple, which has a monopoly over the sale and distribution of iOS apps.

Some of these cases have resulted in Google and Apple charging less fees, but some developers say the rates that they have to pay for using these app stores remains too high. In recent weeks, regulators in Brazil have banned iPhones from being sold without a charger in the country.

Mexico’s competition regulator had already declined De Swaan Addati’s request for an investigation to be opened into the companies, so he decided to take his case to Mexico’s telecommunications regulator, the IFT.

Critics of the the Apple and Google duopoly say that developers should be able to sell in-app purchases without Apple taking a percentage of this income. It is also alleged that these high percentages lead developers to charge more to users, fuelling inflation, to compensate for the cut Apple takes.

“I have full confidence that (the IFT) will investigate and exercise its powers – in line with international best practices – so that these companies stop abusing their market power to the detriment of developers and consumers,” he said.

In the complaint itself, De Swaan Addati says that Apple and Google are completely inhibiting competition and are benefiting from their monopoly in app stores to force users to use the Apple and Google payment processors.

Written by Thu 15 Sep 2022


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