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First ever AI CEO in Europe appointed by health startup

Written by Wed 26 Jul 2023

The first artificial intelligence (AI) to act as CEO in Europe has been unveiled by Hunna Technology. The UK-headquartered health startup combined AI and human intelligence to develop the IndigoVX system.

Inspiration for the supervised AI-based CEO came from Steve Jobs who said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Hunna Technology, which uses AI to test and screen for medical conditions, tested the AI CEO system for 12 months to ensure safety and legal compliance.

“I stepped down as CEO in July because I believe an AI supervised by humans can outperform me. She hasn’t failed us,” said Ahmed Lazem, Co-founder of Hunna Technology.

AI as CEO?

Hunna Technology has reported a number of successes since promoting IndigoVX to CEO, including defining a realistic and executable business strategy, identifying startup ideas, and providing key research to aid in rolling out the company’s medical AI in the UAE.

“The IndigoVX AI system has consistently surpassed our expectations – it has blown our minds,” said Dr. Kais Dukes, the CTO and Co-founder of Hunna Technology.

The AI CEO is said to have a 90% successful decision rate, identifying under-explored markets, optimising resource allocation, and forecasting consumer trends.

It is important to note that the AI CEO is not fully automated. Hunna Technology explained that naming IndigoVX as its CEO is not just giving the system a title, it is about partially automating the role of a CEO to guide the overall operations of the company.

“We feel it’s justified to give the system a CEO title, as ultimately it’s the algorithm calling the shots, even though the algorithm has a human component,” said Hunna Technology.

Image from Hunna Technology's website showing IndigoVX AI CEO

Ensuring human accountability in AI

This announcement follows a ‘historic’ meeting by the UN Security Council where members discussed AI for the first time. Accountability for AI technology, access, and responsible human control were mentioned as fundamentals to its development.

Keen interest was shown by the Council to address existing challenges whilst creating avenues to track and respond to future dangers.

The danger still remains as to what end AI could become a ‘runaway train’ without global regulation.

Public figures such as Kamala Harris, Steven Spielberg and FCA Chief Nikhil Rathi have weighed in on the AI debate. They cited fears of AI bias, poorly established ethics, and increased cybersecurity risks as key concerns. On a worldwide level, it is recognised that more legislation is required for safe AI deployment.

With this, governments around the world are drafting regulations and recommendations. The UK’s White Paper outlines five key principles with the aim to guide the country’s approach to AI, with a focus on creating a conducive environment for AI development and addressing potential risks.

The EU AI Act also outlined that AI systems should be overseen by people rather than by automation to prevent harmful outcomes.

With the Hunna Technology not fully automating IndigoVX, the aspect of human accountability is preserved.

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Written by Wed 26 Jul 2023

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