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Ferrari internal documents leak only, but no evidence of hacking

Written by Fri 7 Oct 2022


Luxury Italian car maker, Ferrari confirmed reports that a number of internal business documents had been posted online but are unsure of how this information has been leaked.

The company has not detected any evidence of a breach or ransomware, and there have been no delays to the company’s operations. This information comes only days after Ferrari announced a collaboration with cyber-security startup Bitdefender.

Team principal and managing director of Scuderia Ferrari Mattia Binotto commented on the collaboration as follows: “We are pleased to embark on this new partnership with Bitdefender, with whom we share values such as the highest level of technological efficiency, striving for excellence in performance and a culture of security.”

The data set that was somehow stolen contains close to 7GB of data and was posted on a dark web site controlled by a ransomware organisation, RandomEXX, formally known as Defray777. According to the details provided on the hacker’s website, the breach includes “internal documents, data sheets, repair manuals, etc.” A screenshot, purportedly from the stolen Ferrari data, appears to show a purchase order for a Ferrari car model.

RandomEXX has been on the radar of cyber security professionals since 2020, after the cyber-criminals achieved a number of high-profile attacks on organisations such as Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice and the Texas Department of Transportation.

When Ferrari announced intentions to provide non-fungible tokens (NFTs) earlier this year, the company became a target for hackers. Cyber-criminals rapidly gained access to a Ferrari subdomain and exploited it to host an NFT fraud for months.

Manufacturing company Speroni, a Ferrari partner, was also the target of a cyber assault last year that resulted in the disclosure of confidential business data from several Italian automakers, including Ferrari.

Written by Fri 7 Oct 2022


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