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Estonia curbs state use of Huawei 5G technology

Written by Mon 16 Sep 2019

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Officials say Huawei software and hardware could be used for political purposes in the future

Estonia is set to restrict the use of equipment and technology from Chinese telecom giant Huawei in its government sector.

Officials in the country, which is one of Europe’s most wired and technologically advanced nations, cited security concerns and recommendations by the US, a key Nato ally.

The Estonian news site Delfi reported that foreign trade and technology minister Kert Kingo created an expert group in June with the aim of setting policies and standards this year for the use of technology in Estonian government institutions.

Its leader, Raul Rikk, said the group had already taken a clear position that Huawei should not be allowed to provide technology for 5G networks in Estonia.

Mr Rikk said the issue is not the quality of Huawei’s software and hardware, “but whether these devices can be used for political purposes in the future”.

Huawei has been subjected to intense scrutiny amid accusations of having close ties to the Chinese state, with some critics arguing that its telecoms equipment could be used to spy on people in the West.

The UK Government is expected to publish a decision on inclusion of the company’s 5G equipment soon but has stopped short of providing a date.

Written by Mon 16 Sep 2019


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