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Ericsson to invest millions in 6G research program

Written by Thu 24 Nov 2022

Telecommunications provider Ericsson is set to pledge tens of millions of pounds in a new 6G research unit in the UK.

Over the next 10 years, the project will focus on enhancing wireless connectivity across the country, as 6G is expected to become available in the 2030s. The main research areas will include 6G technologies, network resilience, artificial intelligence and cognitive networks.

For Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson UK & Ireland, this initiative is a part of the organisations commitment to ensure the UK remains a leader in forward-thinking technologies and industries of the future.

“Our vision for a more connected, safer and sustainable world is one that is shared by the UK government, and we look forward to working together with network operators, industries and academia to develop international standards that will move us ever closer to achieving seamless global connectivity and truly groundbreaking innovation,” she added.

The investment will also hire at least 20 researchers, in addition to a number of PhD students who are expected to collaborate with external academics and innovators to turn the potential of 6G technology into a reality.

“Ericsson’s investment is a huge vote of confidence in the UK’s innovative telecoms sector. This pioneering research unit will create new jobs, support students and bring together some of our country’s finest minds to shape the future of telecoms infrastructure in the UK and across the globe,” said Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

While partner universities have not been announced, Surrey, Bristol and Manchester are all potential partners.

“Establishing a research program in the UK means the country will be well positioned to utilise its existing high international level of knowledge in wireless systems and technologies to produce ground-breaking 6G research that not only can help shape the future of global standards but also deliver a more connected, efficient and sustainable society,” said Magnus Frodigh, VP & Head of Ericsson Research.

This is a positive sign for the UK’s telecommunications industry after a challenging few years dealing with COVID and the aftermath of Brexit.

“This investment in the UK telecoms sector will help promote stronger research, innovation and collaboration. UKRI and the UK Government more broadly will continue to support the development of Telecoms talent and new ideas in this exciting growth area,” said Dr Mike Short CBE, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of International Trade.

The UK Government has also said they will soon release a comprehensive strategy on 6G technology.

Written by Thu 24 Nov 2022

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