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Equinix expands AWS interconnection

Written by Thu 25 Jul 2019

Equinix is making AWS connections faster and more accessible for organisations embracing hybrid IT

Equinix has announced it is expanding the company’s partnership with AWS with the launch of a new AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery program.

Equinix has supported both dedicated and hosted connections to AWS services for some time, but the new delivery program now supports speeds of up to 10G on ECX Fabric.

ECX Fabric (short for Equinix Cloud Exchange) is the company’s software-defined interconnection service that connects company-owned infrastructure with public cloud providers, facilitating hybrid deployments.

The new 1G, 2G, 5G and 10G capacities allows Equinix customers using ECX Fabric to connect to a range of AWS services in the same metro where their own infrastructure is located.

For workloads requiring low latency, higher bandwidth and data sovereignty adherence, customers can use the new higher capacities access all AWS services in metros different from where their infrastructure is located.

Kaushik Joshi, Global Managing Director, Strategic Alliances, Equinix said: “AWS Direct Connect combined with ECX Fabric on the Equinix global interconnection platform is an ideal combination that allows these customers to deploy hybrid cloud architectures and achieve this level of performance and security.”

“By offering Dedicated Connections, and Hosted Connections with new 1G up to 10G speeds on ECX Fabric, we are enhancing private cloud connectivity for enterprises to help them accelerate their hybrid cloud transformations,” he added.

Interconnection providers like Equinix have established themselves as key hybrid cloud players by offering a cost-effective, higher bandwidth public cloud connectivity option compared to the public internet.

Equinix now offers 27 AWS Direct Connect onramps worldwide, as it caters to hybrid cloud demand.

Written by Thu 25 Jul 2019


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