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Equinix appeals to potential partners for Heat Export programme

Written by Wed 19 Jun 2024

Equinix has issued a call for partners to join the Equinix Heat Export programme, citing the need for collaboration ‘to unlock the value of the residual heat generated in its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres’.

The company already has multiple projects in the Heat Export programme worldwide, including Finland, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and Canada. The newest heat reclamation is attached to the Paris IBX data centre, PA10.

The heat from PA10 will be used to warm buildings in the Plaine Saulnier urban development zone and in the 2024 Summer Olympics Aquatic Centre.

Gary Aitkenhead, SVP, EMEA IBX Operations for Equinix, emphasised the need for partnerships with local energy providers and municipalities to expand the Heat Export programme. He said the Heat Export’s programme is one important way data centres can give back to their local communities.

“However, it is only possible through collaboration with energy providers, governments, and other third-party enablers. So, we are asking for more partners to join the programme and re-use the heat from our operations for the good of people and our planet,” said Aitkenhead.

Heat export involves working with third-party heat network operators to recycle heat and distribute it to the surrounding areas residential and business entities. This helps to lower emissions at the data centre, as well as providing a valuable service to the community.

At a time when local residents are protesting new projects, showing data centres in a beneficial light may help to alleviate some of the friction between owner/operators and the communities where the date centres are located.

Additionally, residual heat reuse programmes like the Heat Export programme at Equinix may help data centres with regulatory compliance. For example, the UK government is currently considering establishing a Heat Network Zoning Authority, which will make heat recovery and distribution easier.

Expanding residual heat utilisation programmes is part of Equinix’s Future First sustainability strategy. This strategy describes the company’s commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) goals.

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Written by Wed 19 Jun 2024

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