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Emotional fitness app FIKA announces three corporate partner openings

Written by Thu 14 Mar 2019

Fika hopes to combat mental illness through app-based proactive emotional exercise

Fika has announced three openings for corporate partners as it rolls out its new app-based emotional fitness tool across UK universities.

The Fika app helps young people build confidence, emotional resilience, empathy and interpersonal skills to help them at university and in the world of work.

Speaking at Cloud Expo Europe yesterday, Fika founder Nick Bennett called on business leaders to join help safeguard the emotional wellbeing of university students and prepare them for the workplace.

Can technology save us?

In a keynote speech ‘The world is emotionally out of shape: can technology save us?’, Bennett outlined how depression has become the number one cause of ill health globally, referencing isolation and social media as key factors behind a global decline in emotional wellbeing.

The opening for three new corporate partners comes as Fika confirms plans to line up two think tanks on the future of student wellbeing – one in the autumn of 2019 and another early next year – with involvement from education ministers and university Vice-Chancellors.

“Our three corporate partners will play an important role in safeguarding the emotional health of the next generation of workers, leaders, inventors, communicators, teachers and parents,” said Bennett. “This represents a real opportunity for a handful of visionary companies to invest in and protect the workforce of the future. We’re very excited to announce our new corporate partner accreditation programme.”

Fika launched this February, rolling out closed trial partnerships with the Universities of Coventry, Exeter, Lincoln and Manchester Metropolitan – and is in conversations with more universities nationwide.

Said Nicki Morris, Event Director at Cloud Expo Europe – Closer Still Media: “Cloud Expo are delighted to host Fika and their exclusive announcement at our event. Their product innovation and mission to mainstream Emotional Fitness aligns very strongly with our call for technology-enabled change to be a board-level discussion. 100% Mission Possible.”

Written by Thu 14 Mar 2019


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