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Elea Digital acquires TIM data centre in Brazil

Written by Tue 1 Nov 2022

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Elea Digital, the data centre subsidiary of Piemonte Capital, has acquired a new facility in Porto Alegre, with the intention of developing the largest data centre in Southern Brazil.

This makes the seventh data centre for Elea Digital in Brazil, with facilities in Curtiba, Brasilia, Rio, and Sao Paulo.

The acquisition has already been submitted to and approved by the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense. Eles is focused on expanding capacity throughout southern Brazil to meet growing demand, and solve the issue with a lack of digital infrastructure to support new ventures.

Alessandro Lombardi, Chairman of Elea Digital, said: “Today, the data center has a space of 4,000 m², with 1.2MW of installed power and 5MW of expansion potential, in addition to being a potential landing point for submarine cables, capable of connecting Brazil to the United States, Uruguay and Argentina.”

Elea Digital plans to maintain the relationship with TIM through a long-term colocation contract, while developing and expanding the new facility.

“We are working to expand and bring a quality digital infrastructure to connect companies in the South region,” added Lombardi.

Earlier this year, Elea entered a partnership with Vertiv to provide services to their first data centre in Porto Alegre. Under the agreement, Vertiv will provide automated, real-time infrastructure management along with software to improve energy efficiency and cost control across all Elea Digital data centres.

The partnership also aims to standardise the data centre platform used by Elea, and to ensure that its facilities comply with global best practices across the data centre industry.

“The strategic alliance with Vertiv shows our commitment and enthusiasm with client service as we continue to do our best to ensure that our critical infrastructure is maintained equally secure, miles away from the central cloud region of São Paulo,” said Lombardi.

Piemonte, Elea Digital’s parent company, began investing in Brazilian data centres in 2021 after receiving an investment from Goldman Sachs. While the value of the investment was not disclosed, sources reported that Goldman Sachs acquired a significant stake in the Brazilian group; and that Piemonte invested a total of $227M in data centres in 2021.

Written by Tue 1 Nov 2022

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