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Dominion Energy improving infrastructure for data centre power availability

Written by Fri 19 Aug 2022


Dominion Energy has announced that it will be constructing improvements to its infrastructure ahead of schedule.

This is welcome news for data centre providers, who were recently warned that power constraints could delay construction and expansion for several years.

The company said that it has made progress on powering data centres, and that power substations and additional power lines will be coming to Loudoun County – the largest data centre market in the U.S. – ahead of schedule.

Aaron Ruby, Dominion Media Relations Manager, said of the upcoming infrastructure improvements, “Over the past few weeks, we’ve made progress on near-term solutions to reduce the constraints. We are developing a path forward that will allow us to begin resuming some new data centre connections in a matter of weeks.” “Additionally, we will soon announce the first of several transmission line projects that will allow more new connections over the long term.”

Loudoun County currently has 25 million square feet of operational data centre space, with another 4 million under development. Dominion Energy has connected close to 70 data centres since 2019 alone, providing more than 2.6 Gw total capacity. This high growth rate accelerated even further over the past year, as companies planned to build new facilities and expand existing data centres.

This increase in demand led to revised projections from Dominion’s interconnect partner. In response, the company notified customers that power constraints, due mainly to insufficient infrastructure, could delay data centre construction until 2026.

However, on a recent shareholder call, Dominion Energy CEO Bob Blue said that the company is going to accelerate infrastructure deployments in order to meet rapidly-growing demand.

“Based on the work and outreach done to date, it is clear that we will be able to resume new connections in the near term, but how much and how quickly is still being determined. The longer-term solution will absolutely require additional transmission infrastructure to be built.” “Among the needed additional infrastructure are two new 500kV transmission lines into eastern Loudoun County.”

Accelerating the deployment of new infrastructure requires cooperation between Dominion, PJM interconnect, and state and local government. Getting alignment between public and private entities can be difficult and time-consuming. In this situation, however, there is a direct relationship between expanding power capacity and supporting one of the primary industries in the area.

Written by Fri 19 Aug 2022


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