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Delta, Goldman Sachs latest additions to IBM quantum computing network

Written by Wed 8 Jan 2020

Q Network surpasses 100 member mark as organisations pursue practical quantum computing 

IBM is on track to lead the quantum computing revolution with the news that over 100 organisations have signed up to the company’s initiative to advanced practical uses of the next-generation technology.

The latest members to the program — which gives participants access to quantum experts, developer tools and cloud-based quantum systems via IBM Q Cloud — include Delta Airlines, Wells Fargo and Stamford University.

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, Delta CIO Rahul Samant said the airline is “excited to explore how quantum computing can be applied to address the challenges across the day of travel.”

The technology Delta can experiment with includes IBM’s recently-announced 53-qubit quantum computer, which has the most qubits of any universal quantum computer available for external industry access.

“Delta joins more than 100 clients already experimenting with commercial quantum computing solutions alongside classical computers from IBM to tackle problems like risk analytics and options pricing, advanced battery materials and structures, manufacturing optimization, chemical research, logistics and more,” said Jamie Thomas, general manager, strategy and development for IBM Systems.

“As the first airline to join the IBM Q network, I’m looking forward to exploring how we can work together to solve real business challenges in a new industry alongside our Hub members at NC State.”

Tech giants are racing to lead the quantum research space. At last year’s CES, IBM unveiled an eye-catching commercial quantum computer alongside a quantum computing centre. Earlier this year, the tech giant challenged Google’s claim that it achieved “quantum supremacy” — defined as the milestone where quantum computers perform tasks classical computers cannot. Cloud leader Amazon dived into the quantum scramble in December when it debuted its own quantum cloud service and research initiative.

Written by Wed 8 Jan 2020


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