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DC Two wins $1.7 million in colocation contracts

Written by Thu 26 Aug 2021

Australian data centre services provider DC Two has secured contracts for colocation services at one of its facilities.

The new contracts will amount to more than $1.7 million AUD over a three year period.

DC Two’s customers will supply and manage their own servers, which will be located in the DC Two data centres. In exchange, DC Two will provide customers with floor space, power, and cooling at one of its eco-friendly facilities. Once complete, the data centres will provide 590 kw of continuous power draw.

Customers may begin installing equipment in phases during Q4 2021, with new contracts running from 1st November 2021 through 31st October 2024. In the announcement of the new business, DC Two stated that demand is strong for their modular, environmentally sound data centres and services.

“The company is experiencing increased demand for its regionally located modular data centres, as they provide customers with access to globally competitive hosting and power prices, which decrease the operational costs for clients and provide a turnkey solution for clients seeking to lower their environmental impact.”

More companies are incorporating the environmental impact of third-party vendors, like colocation data centres, into their own green goals. This makes finding colocation data centres that utilize renewable power sources an important factor in selecting a data centre services vendor.

Most recently, DC Two announced their first fixed-term agreement for a modular, eco-friendly data centre in Western Australia. This facility will provide hosting for cryptocurrency and bitcoin miners, providing low-cost, renewable power for the notoriously power-intensive mining processes.

Just last month, DC2 was awarded ISO 27001 Certification for software, cloud platform and data centres. This certification is a recognition of a company’s compliance with stringent data and information security systems, protecting their customer’s sensitive information and helping to reduce vulnerabilities.

Justin Thomas, Managing Director at DC Two, said that the ISO certification was an important step in the company’s ongoing security efforts. “It demonstrates we are employing world-best practice solutions which will enhance our ability to secure new enterprise opportunities, especially in sensitive, regulated and public sectors.”

Written by Thu 26 Aug 2021


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